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Gerardin Law Firm, P.A. – Karin Gerardin, Esq. is an experienced family law attorney who diligently represents her client’s to the fullest extent during all aspects of their family law matter from the initial consult to the final hearing/trial. Karin Gerardin, Esq. is also a certified Florida Family Law Mediator who knows how to navigate all aspects of family law cases from divorce proceedings to post divorce modification cases. She and her staff are fully accessible to her clients and will provide honest and open advisement at all times.

Time Sharing 
& Parental Responsibility

Child time sharing laws have changed over the years as both parents enter the work force. Both parents are entitled to time sharing without interference from the other parent. Gerardin Law Firm, P.A. will treat every case as unique and fights for their client’s rights for time sharing.

Post- Divorce Modifications & Enforcement

Gerardin Law Firm, P.A. represents individuals needing modifications and enforcement of existing agreements and court orders. After the final court hearing and divorce or paternity and time sharing order, there is often a need to have the court step back in to assist in changing terms of the agreement or enforcing the terms that were originally agreed to or ordered by the Judge. Gerardin Law Firm, P.A. understands the urgency of clients who have post judgment needs as the agreement is not being followed or “substantial changes” have occurred and aggressively works toward a new court order for the Client.


Gerardin Law Firm, P.A. represents clients who are unmarried and have a child(ren) in common. In some cases, the parties have lived together and in some cases they have not. Regardless of the living situation, if paternity has not been legally established, the Father must establish legal paternity even if they are named on the birth certificate in order to gain parental rights to time sharing and decision making over the child with the mother.Gerardin Law Firm, P.A. can assist in gaining legal paternity and time sharing for those fathers who have not established that legal right and will aggressively seek time sharing for her client and their child(ren).


Many times a parent must relocate and does not have the agreement of the other parent. In these cases, the moving parent must meet specific criteria to the court in order to be able to move. The Gerardin Law Firm, P.A. has experience in representing parents in relocation cases from initiation of the case to trial.

child support

All parents have financial responsibilities to their minor children under the age of eighteen (18) years old or who have not yet graduated high school prior to their 19th birthday. When awarding child support, family law courts follow complicated state mandated guidelines. These guidelines consider each parent’s monthly income, the amount of overnight time sharing each parent will have and other allowable credits toward support when calculating and determining child support awards. Gerardin Law Firm, P.A. can assist all parents through this process in order for them to know their rights and the correct amount of financial responsibility each parent should have.

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